MagRose9 Gallery by misspinker(MagRose9)
Welcome to My Page!


I am MagRose9 but most people will call me either Misspinker or Rose. I enjoy making 3D models, rigging, animating, and UV mapping. I have been developing my knowledge with blender and even though I have come a long way I am always up for expanding my experiences. For the 4+ years of working with blender I do commissions for cheap prices, so if you would like to request a commission you may do so.


I am a KITO member (Keeping Impressive Title Open). KITO is where I begun learning how mmo games work and how to build one. I have gained the ability to know how 3D modeling works and learning these things have been a fun ride.

I have also helped start a group called KITOAlive, where some members work together as a team to provide some free content for KITO members. I also am providing KITO members some video tutorials that teaches them how to make their own models.

Projects that I have contributed in.
Red means no longer working.
Green means unsure.
1. Aloi Online{Hosted;Helper/Design-modeler}
2. Aeklata{3d Designer}

3. Pet-Pet-Pony{Owner}
4. The Wyvern (modeler; Unity Project)

I am using pro boards as a website. Here I will use to upload progresses of commissions and other parts of my 3D modeling work.


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DeviantArt will send you to my DeviantArt Page!

YouTube will send you to my youtube channel with Blender 3D tutorials, Gaming videos, and more!

Discord Group(KitoAlive) Group Members to submit free work for KITO members for free.

The other links are used for me to publish examples of my work.

If you would like to commission me feel free to send me a message or select the donation page on the right side!